Food of Mooncake Festival

Mooncake |Water caltrops |Piglet biscuit


Mooncake are traditional pastries in China. Every family would get together for eating mooncake to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. In the ancient time, people use the following mould to make mooncake by hand.Mooncake recipe is the most famous Chinese pastries recipes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncake is a famous Chinese pastry cuisine consisting of a thin tender skin enveloping a sweet and dense filling. Mooncakes are mostly round or rectangular pastries and comes with a thick filling which is usually made from lotus seed paste or sweet bean paste and may contain yolks from salted duck eggs. There are many types of mooncake recipes which include the lotus seed paste mooncake recipe, sweet bean paste mooncake recipe, jujube paste mooncake recipe, five kernel mooncake recipe and the taro paste mooncake recipe. Use this mooncakes recipe to make a mouthwatering Chinese mooncake to serve your guests during the Chinese Moon Festival.

Water caltrops

Long ago, before Neil Armstrong step on the moon, people (well, at least some people) thought that up on the moon, there is another world where fairies live. Beautiful fairies wearing flowing, long gowns and holding magic, bushy wands float among the clouds.One day, one of these fairies came to earth. Fairies aren’t supposed to marry human as they are immortal. But this fairy fell in love with a cowherd, Ah Niu (Ah Gu, Ah Ngau or Sang Lembu, whatever name you like to call him). Against the heavenly mother’s order, they got married. But she found out and banished the fairy to the moon to pound elixir for the rest of her life. Only a white rabbit accompanies her. Poor lonely fairy do pounding every day 24/7 with only a rabbit.However, their love was so strong. The other fairies pleaded with the heavenly mother and finally she allowed Ah Niu to meet the moon fairy, only once a year, on the mid-autumn festival.That’s why we eat water caltrops. Because it reminds us of Ah Niu and his faithful love.

Piglet biscuit

Here are the Pig in Basket biscuits (Zhu Zai Bing) for the moon cake festival. Piglet biscuit are made with leftover dough from the mooncake skins. The plastic basket is also very kitsch.The biscuits are in the shape of a flat pig. They’re sweetbreads and slightly chewy if well done. I’m not sure why the chinese decided to use pig motifs, but I do know that in the olden days hunters used baskets to trap and kill pigs; and any woman caught having adultery or commiting fornication was drowned in a human sized pig basket in the river!

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