Celebration of Mooncake Festival

On the Mid Autumn day, Chinese families gather to admire the moon believed to be the most beautiful and the roundest on this night. It symbolizes the union of the family and Chinese families celebrate this event by eating moon cakes,  and admiring the moon. Other food items associated with Mid Autumn are pomelo and Chinese Tea. After dinner, Children carry lanterns and strolling in parks or gardens.

For about one and a half months before the Mid Autumn festival, moon cakes are presented as gifts. Within a family, moon cakes are presented from children to parent, son in law to parents in law and between siblings.

Outside of family unit, moon cakes are exchanged between friends, business associate, and colleagues. In the corporate sector, companies give moon cakes to their customers. Some companies even commission moon cakes with their corporate logo or designs.

The presentation of moon cakes is an opportunity for networking and relationship building and expresses social solidarity between the giving and receiving parties.

Just before the Mid Autumn festival, adults will buy a lantern for young children at home. These lanterns are carried around after the Mid Autumn dinner. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes from traditional forms to the latest cartoon characters or pop icons. Buying a lantern for Mid Autumn festival is always a big treat for children.

In most places where is there are substantial Chinese population, the local grassroots or cultural institution will organize Mid Autumn events for the public. In Singapore, one of the major celebrations is held in the Singapore Chinatown. Large size lanterns are often used to decorate the area and add to the festive atmosphere.

In some countries and regions such as People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Mid Autumn or the day after Mid Autumn is a public holiday.

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