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Sarawak, the name makes you think of the largest state in Malaysia and the prominent Iban tribe and also their famous traditional dance, the Ngajat. Sarawak occupies the north western coast of Borneo and one the largest state in Malaysia after Its neighboring state, Sabah. Having to be the largest state in Malaysia, Sarawak is the home to the multi racial and multi cultural community and colorful ethnicity with more than 30 ethnic groups, each with its own distinct language besides Malay, Chinese and Indian. The majority of the people are non Muslim and they are free to practice any religions.There are also many festival celebrate in Sarawak, for example Gawai festival, Mooncake festival, Hari Raya and so on.
Sarawak’s capital is the city of Kuching, or literally means ‘cat’ and you can find a cat statue standing proud in the heart of Kuching in contribution to the town’s origin. Kuching has been a landmark for a fusion of modernization and antiques and also the centre of art and culture. Kuching has been known for its laid back setting with post colonial architecture scattered around the town. Now a fast growing city, Kuching offers the excitement just like any other cities in Malaysia.
Most parts of Sarawak are coastal and mountainous. This has contributed to the large expanse of rainforests and raging rivers. In Sarawak, the nature is well preserved and the river is the heart of transportation for the rural Sarawak people. Sarawak holds some of the most valuable natural treasure in the world. There are also many national parks to visit and explored.
Sarawak is a land of natural wonder and culture. What makes Sarawak so different from others is the people itself. Sarawak can’t stand alone without its people. They will always welcome you to their land and experience the best of nature and hospitality.

Therefore, we are trying to introduce some small portion of Sarawak attractions and Sarawak festival to let you all know more about Sarawak. With these information, we hope you will feel interesting to have a travel to Sarawak.

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